Does your guy always text you? How to make him call?

November 24, 2021

    A lot of girl don’t really like texting. Sometimes text messages are nice, but they should be the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. The most problem is that texting doesn’t lead to anywhere. Sometimes it ruins all real communication in the relationships. Unfortunately, some men use it as the only way to keep in touch. And some people consider it the only possible way to have serious conversations. 

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    A short text that you send in the middle of the day is a nice way to show that you are thinking about your partner. It’s always nice to ask her how she is doing while she is at the office. But if you communicate only through the text, there is a serious problem.

    Consider text messages as an addition to calls. Sometimes it’s very convenient to write your wife asking her to pick something up in a store while she is on the way to home. Do you want to be romantic? Text your partner that you love him or her while you are in the kitchen cooking a wonderful dinner for you both. 

    There are some recommendations that will make a guy call you instead of texting: 

  • Don’t put up with this behavior. If he texts you only and you don’t mind, he will keep doing it again and again. Try to talk about your feelings and preferences openly..
  • Stop indulging his whims if he only texts you. If he doesn’t have enough time to call you and to hear your voice, he doesn’t care about you and your emotions. No need to come to his apartment if he writes you at 10 p.m: «Come over, I want you now». 
  • Use some phrases to make him call. For example: «Hello, I didn’t see your message yesterday because I was busy, but you can try to contact me again. Call me tonight and we will talk!». Or: «I appreciate you messages, but if you want to be with me, you will have to try a bit harder. I prefer long conversations to long writing». 
  • If a guy doesn’t respond you and keeps using his phone only for texting, the only way to prevent it is to stop communicating with him at all. Try to explain your decision in a polite and calm way. «Hello, I’m sorry but I don’t look for a guy for texting, I need a good boyfriend. Since you write me only a couple of times per week and don’t increase your efforts, I understand you aren’t interested in our relationships. Them I’m not interested in them either, good luck and take care». 

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    Don’t be afraid that you will lose a normal guy. It’s not like that, you will lose a man who doesn’t care about you and who uses you as the second choice. A man who is interested in you will call you and meet with you, he will do everything to win your heart. 

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